Jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory Governments, ‘Harry’s Place – a shared community space’, offers a range of community, allied health, training and direct care services. Located on the corner of Henbury Avenue and Willeroo Street in Tiwi, the precinct encompasses a fully equipped Administration Building featuring shared services including reception, kitchens and meeting and conference rooms as well as two 4 bedroom accommodation villas, tailored adult day program spaces with recreation, vocational and education facilities, and a public facing café, with education and training opportunities.

The project provides a unique shared services facility in the heart of Darwin’s northern suburbs and supports community sector and non-profit organisations through shared corporate and reception services as well as adaptable conference and meeting room facilities.

Harry’s Place is named in recognition of Harry Giese, Director of Welfare in the Northern Territory Government (1954 – 1970) and the first President of the then Northern Territory Spastics Association which was established in 1973. The precinct aims to:

  • Serve a vital role in the community by creating the opportunity for the co-location of a range of community, allied health, education and training and direct care services
  • Develop critical mass, economies of scale and efficiencies across the community services sector so more resources are directed at front line services to build organisational capacity, self-sustainability and less reliance on Government funding
  • Address disadvantage by providing purpose-built, multi organisation, integrated community infrastructure that creates opportunities and improves the lives of disadvantaged Territorians
  • Enhance the long term sustainability of community service providers

The Harry’s Place logo utilises a multi coloured circle of people to represent both the participants and staff, as well as the organisations co-locating and utilising the shared services model of delivery and outcomes. The tagline clearly articulates what Harry’s Place is and represents – a shared community space for all to enjoy.

Further details about Harry’s Place are available here or contact us for further details.