Carpentaria is a values-based organisation which focuses on the needs and goals of each individual. We are committed to a person-centred philosophy that respects the rights of everyone to make informed choices about their lives and to receive the necessary support, information and encouragement to participate, and be included, in all aspects of community life.

Carpentaria’s values are the framework that guides how we operate in terms of engagement, business activities, service delivery and decision making.


We strive to be honest, open, ethical and fair


We create strong partnerships through open communication, mutual respect and trust


We commit to continuous improvement and are responsive to individuals through creative solutions


We embrace the individual’s right to be empowered to live the life they choose


Our Principles of Good Practice

Carpentaria’s Principles of Good Practice also guide how we operate across all programs.

Our Human Rights Framework

Carpentaria’s Human Rights Framework also guides our work.

Carpentaria's Human Rights Framework