The Nailed It program offers participants the opportunity to create woodworking projects using industrial tools and machinery. With a particular focus on choice and control, participants are assisted to design and create their projects with the support of their staff.

It all starts with an idea

After researching their individual ideas, participants work with their support staff to plan each step of their project. Then the real fun begins! Participants are supported through all stages of their creation, including measuring and cutting materials, sanding and joining sections, and adding varnish, paint, and finishing touches as required.

Nailing the project

The outcomes of this program are fantastic to see, with a wide variety of woodworking projects completed. To date the program has seen participants crafting incredible wooden clocks, garden carts, shopping trolleys, Christmas decorations, wall art, jewellery boxes, pot plant holders, and more!

Check out some of the beautifully crafted projects below.

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