Carpentaria was pleased to have the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of some of our Life Members at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Life Members have contributed an immense amount of time, energy and expertise to Carpentaria over many years.

Sue Bradley (pictured) was a member of the board from 1985 to 1997 and was president and vice president during this time. She joined the board again in 2001 for a short time and also stepped into the CEO role for a short period.  Sue has been instrumental in leading the organisation and it is acknowledged that her contribution has had a significant and positive impact on the organisation.

Ray Grimshaw joined the Board in 1982 following his daughter’s involvement in the Miss Australia Quest. He became president in about 1985 for 11 years and worked closely with Vice President Sue Bradley to ensure the long term viability of the organisation. It is acknowledged that his contribution has had a significant and positive impact on the organisation. 

Meredith Dewar was a member of the board from the late 80s until around 1999 and she was president for a couple of years during this time. Meredith has been a strong advocate for people with a disability and continues to ensure that the organisation delivers quality services. Her contribution continues to have a significant and positive impact on the organisation.

Rhonda Dunn and her family have had significant involvement with Carpentaria since the early 80s. Her daughter was among the first to be involved in the Early Intervention Centre and the Respite service. Rhonda has provided an extremely valuable contribution to the disability sector in Darwin as the founder of NT Friendship and Support, a family based model of respite which has provided long term benefit for families in Darwin and Katherine.

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