Carpentaria’s Independent Living program provides person-centred support and accommodation to enable people with a disability to access and enjoy a safe, comfortable and fulfilling life in their home and in the community. Short, medium, transitional and long-term accommodation options are available.



How Carpentaria delivers Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Through a highly individualised approach, participants are supported to reach their goals, make their own choices and maintain control over the way they wish to live their lives.

Our Independent Living program features:

  • Person-centred active support which enables participants to enjoy the maximum quality of life
  • Pro-active connection with community facilities, activities and events
  • Tailored support to develop each individual’s potential in all aspects of daily living
  • Highly qualified Specialist Disability Workers with comprehensive training in first aid, epilepsy, diabetes and medication administration and management

We encourage dialogue and build relationships by constantly refining ways of sharing information between staff, service users, families, community organisations and external services and we work collaboratively to facilitate social and economic participation.

Carpentaria’s Independent Living Services provide accommodation and support services across Darwin and Palmerston, and are available under the NDIS. Plans to deliver SIL in Alice Springs are underway.

Active support and its benefits for people with disability

Carpentaria is proud to provide person-centred, active support to all participants. Our principles of good practice underpin everything we do – we strongly believe that every moment has the potential to engage a participant in a meaningful way.

Active support benefits people with disability by:

  • providing purpose – empowering participants to have a role and purpose leads to greater levels of life satisfaction
  • encouraging engagement in all activities of daily life
  • increasing independence and competence in tasks
  • providing opportunities for social connection
  • engaging individuals in tasks and activities that are meaningful to them

“If my participants are happy, that means we are providing quality support to them – that day is a good day to me.”

Shreya, Independent Living Coach (support worker)

How we equip staff to provide active support

Investing in our people is a top priority. All staff are equipped with a 3-day intensive induction when joining our team. Our induction training focuses on a wide range of topics including what active support looks like, positive approaches to behaviour management, and Carpentaria’s Values and Principles of Good Practice.

Investing time in our staff and sharing knowledge across disciplines strengthens our delivery of high quality services across programs. Ongoing training and professional development grows the capability of our workforce, and ensures staff are confident and knowledgeable when providing support to participants.

“I love working in the disability sector because you see your little actions can make a big difference in someone’s life.”

Ranjana, Independent Living Coach (support worker)

Participant matching for best outcomes

We know compatibility amongst residents is an important factor when moving into a Supported Independent Living home. Participant matching is an important and collaborative process where we involve the participant, family members, and stakeholders while exploring potential housemates, developing a transition plan, and identifying best fit.

Our Independent Living team are experienced with participant matching and home dynamics, and consider a range of factors when exploring potential matches, including:

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Age and personality
  • House location and local facilities
  • Stage of life
  • Mobility, accessibility, and health requirements
  • Any behaviours of concern

When a potential match is identified, compatibility is tested before an appropriate match is confirmed. This can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Meetings between participants in the home or community
  • Meetings with friends, family, or other stakeholders
  • Overnight or weekend stays in Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Making the time to match participants appropriately ensures safety, comfort, and quality of life for participants entering Supported Independent Living.

Vacancies and referrals

Carpentaria provides Supported Independent Living in the Darwin and Palmerston regions. Plans to expand our services in Alice Springs are underway.

Please contact or 8920 9400 to discuss your individual requirements and to find out which home might be the right fit for you. Some of our current vacancies can be found here.

The Request for Service form for Independent Living Services is available here.