Qualified Allied Health Assistants (AHA) provide support to all members of Carpentaria’s Therapy Services team and deliver AHA programs to support current therapy programs and goals.

An AHA program is developed by an Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist or Psychologist and an appropriately skilled and experienced AHA implements the program with oversight and input from the Allied Health Professional (AHP).

An AHA program may be recommended when:

  • a participant is progressing well with current goals and may not need direct input from an AHP
  • the therapy goals can be supported and are suitable for delivery by an AHA
  • a participant has joint Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy goals, resulting in face-to-face time charged at the AHA billing rate rather than both the OT and SP rate
  •  a participant is on the waitlist for direct services with an AHP and assessed as suitable for an AHA program

The duration of an AHA program depends on therapy goals and how long it takes to achieve these goals. On average, a block of AHA input is 6 sessions, but participants can and may have multiple blocks of therapy to work on their goals. Some participants may only receive one block and return to AHP sessions while others may continue to work with an AHA long term if it is beneficial.

Choosing an AHA program can be beneficial for many participants, including:

  • AHAs can be more flexible with appointment scheduling and may offer more suitable therapy times for participants and a higher frequency of sessions
  • AHAs have a lower billing rate than an AHP which can be helpful for plans with limited funding


Contact us on alliedhealth@carpentaria.org.au or 8920 9400 to learn more about Carpentaria’s AHA program.

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