Carpentaria delivers group therapy programs for children, adolescents, and adults.

Small group sizes and a safe, supportive environment allow for direct support from clinicians while encouraging peer interaction.

Benefits of Carpentaria’s group therapy

    • Small groups with a safe and supportive environment
    • Improved social awareness, communication, and relationship skills
    • Increased confidence in social settings
    • Engagement with peers and connection through shared interests
    • Development of turn-taking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills
    • Reduced wait time in access to services
    • Consolidation of skills learnt in individual therapy
    • Led by knowledgeable and experienced Allied Health professionals

What does group therapy focus on?

Each group focuses on select skills and goals. Groups may include a focus on:

    • Fine and gross motor skills
    • Language, communication skills, and use of AAC (Alternative and augmentative communication) devices
    • Social skills and emotional understanding
    • Exploring perspectives and turn-taking
    • Problem solving
    • Social rules and expectations
    • Self-regulation and control
    • Building confidence and social connections
    • Developing healthy and respectful relationships
2 adults and 2 children sitting at a table while in a group therapy session

Upcoming groups

Keep an eye out for information about future group therapy programs.

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